• The home of North American

    comfort food.

  • The best of both worlds for a Sunday Funday

    Roast vs Thanksgiving Platter

  • £40 with matching wines

    Cheeseboard Tuesdays


14 rotating taps of craft beer, Beer by the flight, Gourmet Pizza 20 inch or by the slice, Poutine, All American Brunch, G & T pots, Hard Shakes, Signature Cocktails, Sunday roasts & thanksgiving dinners, American inspired jazz, soul, funk, hip hop playlists.


Canada’s National Dish, home cooked skin on chips with Brewski’s authentic Beef or Vegetarian Gravy & Cheese Curds topped with all manner of delights
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Our pizzas are served either 10" or 18". 18" are perfect for 2-3 people and can be ordered 50 / 50. Our Pizzas can be tailored to vegan and vegetarian requirements, Please ask your server
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Mac and cheese

Perfect Lunch snack, Nduja, Buffalo Chicken & many more
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